The Faculty of Economics held a study bus tour to Sotome with Japanese and international students together.

On May 18, 2024, Nagasaki University's Faculty of Economics held a bus study tour to Sotome for international and Japanese students studying at the Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics. This study tour was conducted as part of the International Economy and East Asia A and International Business Seminar (Joint Seminar with International Students) classes. The tour aims to deepen the understanding of Nagasaki by bringing Japanese and international students together to experience its history and culture.

Thirty-three participants visited the Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum, the Endo Shusaku Literary Museum, the Sotome Museum of History and Folklore, the Shitsu Church, the Former Shitsu Aid Center, the Shitsu Village, and the Ono Church, with Assistant Professor Amaro, local guides, and a sister, who explained the history of hidden Christians and Father de Rotz’s achievements in Japanese and English.

It was a great opportunity to develop a friendship and deeper understandings of the history and culture of Nagasaki.

The Twenty-Six Martyrs Monument

Shitsu Village

Former Shitsu aid center

Ono church