Course Syllabus

International students are required to study 10 hours or more courses a week.
At least 4 or more courses of the Faculty of Economics are required.
(Considering 2 credits for 1 course)

The listed subjects below are generally available in English.

<Spring Semester 2017 (Including 1 and 2 Quarter)>
* 1 Quarter : Early April to Early June, 2 Quarter: Early June to Early August
<Fall Semester 2017/2018 (Including 3 and 4 Quarter)>
* 3 Quarter : Late September to Late November, 4 Quarter: Late November to Early February

<Faculty of Economics>

Semester Time Schedule Code Subject Professor
Spring 20171515005301 Constitutional Law Yoko IDA
Spring 20171519002001 Joint Seminar with International Students Robinson Enrique FRITZ
Spring 20171519002002 Joint Seminar with International Students Umali Celia LOPEZ
Spring 20171515007302 International Finance Masayuki SUSAI
Spring 20171515007501 International Business Management Umali Celia LOPEZ
Spring 20171519002501 Accounting Phillip Dean PARDO
Spring 20171519002601 Exercises in Accounting Phillip Dean PARDO
Fall 20171515003301 Banking & Money Atsuyuki FUKAURA
Fall 20171521002201 International Economics Ⅰ Masayuki SUSAI
Fall 20171521002801 International Economics Ⅱ Masayuki SUSAI
Fall 20171519003201 Special Topics in Global Economy Yuzuru UTSUNOMIYA
Fall 20171519000201 Economics Malcolm J. M. COOPER
Fall 20171519000401 Management Peter Symon NGANGA
Fall 20171519000801 Exercises in Microeconomics Malcolm J. M. COOPER
Fall 20171519000601 Exercises in Macroeconomics Malcolm J. M. COOPER
Fall 20171519001001 Exercises in Management Peter Symon NGANGA
As of August 2017

Course Lists / Research Contents for Student Exchange Program

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